May 6, 2016

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Docker on ARM Boards - HypriotOS

Docker on ARM Boards - HypriotOS

HypriotOS is a minimal Debian-based operating systems that is optimized to run Docker on Raspberry Pi (ARM boards).

Docker on ARM Boards - HypriotOS:

Main Features

  • minimal Debian-based operating system - most people know how to use Debian & Ubuntu based distros
  • optimized for Docker awesomeness - from optimized and tuned Linux kernel settings to the included fileystems everything is aligned to make Docker run very well
  • up-to-date Docker versions - often we are only mere seconds behind the officially published upstream versions
  • really easy to use - download, flash and boot - that’s all you need to get started


  • A Debian-based root filesystem (32 and 64-bit)
  • A board specific layer: Linux kernel, firmware, bootloader
  • A common layer: Hypriot specific settings and tools, Docker Engine, Compose, Swarm, Machine
  • An optional application layer e.g. Hypriot Cluster Lab
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