November 1, 2020

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Generative Adversarial Networks Projects

Generative Adversarial Networks Projects

A Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) is a class of machine learning frameworks introduced by Ian Goodfellow in 2014. It is an approach to generative modeling using deep learning methods to produce new pieces of content (e.g. images, texts, voice, music, etc.)

Generative modeling is a learning task in machine learning that involves automatically discovering and learning the regularities or patterns in input data. GANs are originally proposed as a kind of generative model for unsupervised learning, but currently also proven useful for other learning tasks (semi-supervised learning, fully supervised learning or reinforcement learning).

Due to their ability to generate realistic examples across a range of problem domains, presently, GANs are a rapid changing field and belong to one of the hot topics in AI/ML domains, which bring many euphoria and exicement. Applications of GANs include e.g. image-to-image translation tasks (translating photos of summer/winter or day/night), or in generating realistic photos (objects, scenes, people) that even humans cannot tell are fake.

In the list below, we highlight 40+ interesting repositories related to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

a312863063/seeprettyface-generator-wanghong StyleGAN
adeshpande3/Tensorflow-Programs-and-Tutorials Implementations of CNNs, RNNs, GANs, etc
ajbrock/BigGAN-PyTorch The author’s officially unofficial PyTorch BigGAN implementation.
akanimax/BMSG-GAN [MSG-GAN] Any body can GAN! Highly stable and robust architecture. Requires little to no hyperparameter tuning.
akanimax/msg-stylegan-tf MSG StyleGAN in tensorflow
akanimax/pro_gan_pytorch ProGAN package implemented as an extension of PyTorch nn.Module
andrewgordonwilson/bayesgan Tensorflow code for the Bayesian GAN ( (NIPS 2017)
anvoynov/BigGANsAreWatching Authors official implementation of "Big GANs Are Watching You" pre-print
astorfi/Deep-Learning-Roadmap :satellite: Organized Resources for Deep Learning Researchers and Developers
bernhard2202/improved-video-gan GitHub repository for “Improving Video Generation for Multi-functional Applications”
clovaai/stargan-v2 StarGAN v2 - Official PyTorch Implementation (CVPR 2020)
CSAILVision/gandissect Pytorch-based tools for visualizing and understanding the neurons of a GAN.
cszn/KAIR Image Restoration Toolbox (PyTorch). Training and testing codes for DnCNN, FFDNet, SRMD, DPSR, MSRResNet, ESRGAN, IMDN
diegoalejogm/gans Generative Adversarial Networks implemented in PyTorch and Tensorflow
dragen1860/TensorFlow-2.x-Tutorials TensorFlow 2.x version’s Tutorials and Examples, including CNN, RNN, GAN, Auto-Encoders, FasterRCNN, GPT, BERT examples, etc. TF 2.0
eladrich/pixel2style2pixel Official Implementation for "Encoding in Style: a StyleGAN Encoder for Image-to-Image Translation"
eriklindernoren/Keras-GAN Keras implementations of Generative Adversarial Networks.
eriklindernoren/PyTorch-GAN PyTorch implementations of Generative Adversarial Networks.
eugeneyan/applied-ml Papers by organizations sharing their work on applied data science & machine learning.
facebookresearch/pytorch_GAN_zoo A mix of GAN implementations including progressive growing
giddyyupp/ganilla pytorch implementation of GANILLA
google/compare_gan Compare GAN code.
hindupuravinash/the-gan-zoo A list of all named GANs!
junyanz/CycleGAN Software that can generate photos from paintings, turn horses into zebras, perform style transfer, and more.
junyanz/pytorch-CycleGAN-and-pix2pix Image-to-Image Translation in PyTorch
kam1107/RealnessGAN Code for ICLR2020 paper ‘Real or Not Real, that is the Question’
krasserm/super-resolution Tensorflow 2.x based implementation of EDSR, WDSR and SRGAN for single image super-resolution
KupynOrest/DeblurGAN Image Deblurring using Generative Adversarial Networks
mit-han-lab/gan-compression [CVPR 2020] GAN Compression: Efficient Architectures for Interactive Conditional GANs
naganandy/graph-based-deep-learning-literature links to conference publications in graph-based deep learning
nashory/gans-awesome-applications Curated list of awesome GAN applications and demo
NELSONZHAO/zhihu This repo contains the source code in my personal column (, implemented using Python 3.6. Including Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision projects, such as text generation, machine translation, deep convolution GAN and other actual combat code.
NVIDIA/pix2pixHD Synthesizing and manipulating 2048x1024 images with conditional GANs
NVlabs/stylegan StyleGAN - Official TensorFlow Implementation
NVlabs/stylegan2 StyleGAN2 - Official TensorFlow Implementation
omerbsezer/Fast-Pytorch Pytorch Tutorial, Pytorch with Google Colab, Pytorch Implementations: CNN, RNN, DCGAN, Transfer Learning, Chatbot, Pytorch Sample Codes
omerbsezer/Generative_Models_Tutorial_with_Demo Generative Models Tutorial with Demo: Bayesian Classifier Sampling, Variational Auto Encoder (VAE), Generative Adversial Networks (GANs), Popular GANs Architectures, Auto-Regressive Models, Important Generative Model Papers, Courses, etc..
open-mmlab/mmsr Open MMLab Image and Video Super-Resolution Toolbox, , including SRResNet, SRGAN, ESRGAN, EDVR, etc.
pbaylies/stylegan-encoder StyleGAN Encoder - converts real images to latent space
poloclub/ganlab GAN Lab: An Interactive, Visual Experimentation Tool for Generative Adversarial Networks
ptrblck/prog_gans_pytorch_inference PyTorch inference for “Progressive Growing of GANs” with CelebA snapshot
Puzer/stylegan-encoder StyleGAN Encoder - converts real images to latent space
robbiebarrat/art-DCGAN Modified implementation of DCGAN focused on generative art. Includes pre-trained models for landscapes, nude-portraits, and others.
run-youngjoo/SC-FEGAN SC-FEGAN : Face Editing Generative Adversarial Network with User’s Sketch and Color (ICCV2019)
sangwoomo/instagan InstaGAN: Instance-aware Image Translation (ICLR 2019)
scspcommunity/Cyber-Sec-Resources An organized list of resources including tools, blog-posts and how-to tutorials compiled and created by SCSP community members.
shaoanlu/faceswap-GAN A denoising autoencoder + adversarial losses and attention mechanisms for face swapping.
shaoanlu/fewshot-face-translation-GAN Generative adversarial networks integrating modules from FUNIT and SPADE for face-swapping.
soumith/ganhacks starter from “How to Train a GAN?” at NIPS2016
TachibanaYoshino/AnimeGAN A Tensorflow implementation of AnimeGAN for fast photo animation ! This is the Open source of the paper <AnimeGAN: a novel lightweight GAN for photo animation>, which uses the GAN framwork to transform real-world photos into anime images.
taki0112/StarGAN-Tensorflow Simple Tensorflow implementation of StarGAN (CVPR 2018 Oral)
tamarott/SinGAN Official pytorch implementation of the paper: “SinGAN: Learning a Generative Model from a Single Natural Image”
TAMU-VITA/DeblurGANv2 [ICCV 2019] “DeblurGAN-v2: Deblurring (Orders-of-Magnitude) Faster and Better” by Orest Kupyn, Tetiana Martyniuk, Junru Wu, Zhangyang Wang
tensorflow/gan Tooling for GANs in TensorFlow
tensorlayer/srgan Photo-Realistic Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Generative Adversarial Network
tg-bomze/StyleGAN2-Face-Modificator Simple Encoder, Generator and Face Modificator with StyleGAN2
thunil/TecoGAN This repo will contain source code and materials for the TecoGAN project, i.e. code for a TEmporally COherent GAN
timsainb/tensorflow2-generative-models Implementations of a number of generative models in Tensorflow 2. GAN, VAE, Seq2Seq, VAEGAN, GAIA, Spectrogram Inversion. Everything is self contained in a jupyter notebook for easy export to colab.
tkarras/progressive_growing_of_gans Progressive Growing of GANs for Improved Quality, Stability, and Variation
tohinz/ConSinGAN Official implementation of the paper “Improved Techniques for Training Single-Image GANs” by Tobias Hinz, Matthew Fisher, Oliver Wang, and Stefan Wermter
torchgan/torchgan Research Framework for easy and efficient training of GANs based on Pytorch
unit8co/vegans A library providing various existing GANs in PyTorch.
xinntao/ESRGAN ECCV18 Workshops - Enhanced SRGAN. Champion PIRM Challenge on Perceptual Super-Resolution (Third Region)
xuqiantong/GAN-Metrics An empirical study on evaluation metrics of generative adversarial networks.
youyuge34/PI-REC :fire: PI-REC: Progressive Image Reconstruction Network With Edge and Color Domain. :fire: GANAI
yunjey/stargan StarGAN - Official PyTorch Implementation (CVPR 2018)
zurutech/gans-from-theory-to-production Material for the tutorial: “Deep Diving into GANs: from theory to production”
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