November 10, 2020

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5G Related Media Coverage 2020

5G Related Media Coverage 2020

This year, 5G is at the stage of public trial and adoption. To stay up to date, it is important not only to look at academic and research activities but also to the news and public coverage.

Here we list 50+ recent media coverage related with 5G technology around the world in 2020. This list will be updated if there are more interesting articles in the coming months.

Enhancing the performance of future 5G cellular networks

Society relies heavily on wireless communication Many individuals have access to at least one mobile phone; in fact there are more mobile phones in use than the current population of the planet Within five years predictions suggest that there will be more than four billion additional devices connected to cellular networks As a result data traffic will grow leading to congestion of the current 4G network To mitigate this issue the world is turning.. (2020-11-12)

Eureka association: How digitalisation and automatisation affect all aspects of our society

John Higgins It is not the strongest species that survive nor the most intelligent but the ones most responsive to change Charles Darwins survival of the fittest theory of evolution could also apply to organisations As they adapt to changing circumstances they adjust their responsiveness effectiveness and efficiency And that is what is taking place across the world as digital technologies transform business models: they are either adapting or dyi.. (2020-11-12)

IBM and AMD partner on AI and confidential computing

IBM and AMD have announced a multi-year joint development agreement which aims to strengthen and expand the security and artificial intelligence AI offerings of the two tech giants The partnership will work on extending open source software open standards and open system architectures in order to drive confidential computing within hybrid cloud environments The project also aims to support a broad range of accelerators across high-performance com.. (2020-11-12)

Apple Joins Industry Group Working Towards 6G

As noted by CNET the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions ATIS this week announced that Apple has joined its Next G Alliance an industry group working to advance North American mobile technology leadership in 6G and beyond over the next decade while building on the long-term evolution of 5G Apple is one of 11 new members of the group alongside Charter Cisco Google Hewlett-Packard Intel Keysight Technologies LG Mavenir MITRE and VMwa.. (2020-11-13)

Here are the 5G plans you can check out right now

5G is moving quickly and with coverage finally reaching more people thanks to Sub-6 5G and as a result every major carrier has 5G plans available Verizon has been moving quickly on its nationwide 5G network in addition to the continued expansion of its Ultra Wideband network making it one of the best 5G plans to consider T-Mobile and ATT are still ahead in coverage thanks to their early sub-6 start The best plan for you might depend on whether or.. (2020-11-13)

5G Networks raises $5.6m to run Webcentral

After finalising the acquisition this week (2020-11-13)

Even with the 5G era still nascent, 6G wars have already begun

While they continue to try to convince wireless customers whats so great about 5G mobile network operators and telecoms infrastructure vendors have already turned their focus to 6G The early indications are that 6G may become as politicized as 5G has become The Chinese government announced on Twitter in November that it had sent 13 The post Even with the 5G era still nascent 6G wars have already begun appeared first on Verdict (2020-11-11)

How the 5G iPhone kicked off the latest carrier wars

Mobile carriers in the United States have spent tens of billions of dollars in a race to build out their 5G networks Now theyre eager to get consumers using and paying for the new wireless network technology (2020-11-10)

There Is No ‘Race To 5G.’ And The U.S. Wouldn’t Be Winning Even If There Was

Data continues to indicate that despite ridiculous oodles of hype US 5G networks arent much to write home about According to a recent study by OpenSignal the US ranked dead last in terms of 5G speeds in a 14-country comparison largely due to our failure to make mid-band spectrum available for public use Other reports have repeatedly shown that many initial 5G networks are actually slower than existing 4G networks Not a great look given the months.. (2020-11-10)

5G Versus Wi-Fi 6: Demystifying the Technology

The hype continues to grow for 5G technology with many carriers promoting it as a way to target the enterprise networking and IoT markets with an end-to-end service that spans indoor and outdoor coverage But will 5G be the answer to all decision-makers prayers? There is a lot of understandable confusion about the role Wi-Fi will play in the 5G era and how they might work together (2020-11-09)

Chinese launch sees the first 6G satellite enter orbit

Technology is always moving forward and as telecoms companies are still rolling out 5G networks across the world and Apple recently released its first 5G iPhone China has just sent a 6G satellite into orbit (2020-11-09)

What you need to know about AT&T 5G

ATT has one of the most developed 5G networks out right now with millimeter-wave coverage alongside low-band coverage Both networks are available to customers with phones capable of connecting to both networks ATT has been aggressively expanding its 5G network and now approximates coverage for 120 million people with 190 markets 80 Million are covered by the more accessible low-band network Heres what you need to know if you are considering switc.. (2020-11-07)

Role of Intelligent Network Capacity Planning for 5G

As 5G gains traction CSPs will look to unearth its potential benefits However what 5G will also bring in is a compound effect of the challenges that CSPs face alreadyloadads The Three Challenges CSPs face The first of these challenges pertains to the increasing CAPEX intensity which is plaguing the telecom industry which currently stands at 16% the highest among any other sector in the world The second challenge comes from the growing network com.. (2020-11-07)

Nokia achieves record 8Gbps speeds in 5G trial

Nokia Qualcomm and Finnish operatorElisa have achieved a new world record in 5G speeds The three companies announced that they had managed to deliver 8Gbps between two connected 5G mmWave devices which is almost twice as fast as Nokias previous 47Gbps milestonethat was recorded in May The new record was achieved using a combination of Nokias 5G mmWave technology Qualcomm Technologies 5G smartphone form factor test devices and Elisas commercial 5G.. (2020-11-18)

The role of drones in 5G network security

The introduction of the fifth generation mobile network or 5G will change the way we communicate multiply the capacity of the information highways and allow everyday objects to connect to each other in real time Its deployment constitutes a true technological revolution not without some security hazards Until 5G technology has definitively expanded some challenges remain to be resolved including those concerning possible eavesdropping interferenc.. (2020-11-18)

China Has Launched the World’s First 6G Satellite. We Don’t Even Know What 6G Is Yet.

This could be huge It also could be nothing (2020-11-20)

Will 5G era make it third-time lucky for Microsoft in telecoms?

Software group is teaming up with operators in a move that risks creating tensions (2020-11-16)

Verizon vs T-Mobile vs AT&T: which 5G network is faster in these 5 big cities?

After aimed at at the national level in the last 18 months or so OpenSignal is shifting its focus for the first installment in a new series of insights into the current status of 5G in America based on tests performed between May 20 and October 24 specifically covers five major cities measuring the download and upload speeds available where such a large portion of the nations population is concentratedWere talking Atlanta Houston Los Angeles New .. (2020-11-20)

What’s cellular about a cellphone?

Daniel Bliss is a professor of electrical engineering at Arizona State University and the director of the Center for Wireless Information Systems and Computational Architecture In this interview he explains the ideas behind the original cellular networks and how they evolved over the years into todays 5G fifth generation and even 6G sixth generation networks (2020-11-20)

UK’s 5G rollout lags in Europe with just 30% coverage

The UKs 5G rollout is currently rated average among European countries with the country lagging behind frontrunners such as Switzerland and Finland according to a new report fromEricsson and Qualcomm The Cost-benefit Analysis of 5G by Market Segment report found that despite the UK being an early leader in 5G rollouts its 5G coverage in the country is currently at only around 30% This places the UK on the same level as Denmark and Sweden but well.. (2020-11-17)

Video: New digital front-end platform for 5G radios

The adaptive radio platform combines flexibility for evolving 5G standards and a hardened radio digital front-end for performance power and cost effectiveness (2020-11-17)

AI, 5G, and IoT will be the most important tech of 2021, IT leaders say

Artificial intelligence machine learning 5G and the Internet of Things are predicted to have the most impact of all technologies in 2021 according to a new report Just under a third 32% of CIOs and CTOssaidthat the technologies will be fundamental to their role next year as businesses seek to recover from economic disruption and adapt to new working normals IT leaders also believed that cutting edge technology would be felt most keenly in manufac.. (2020-11-20)

Zyxel Communications Launches 5G NR CPE for Service Providers

Zyxel Communications has launched indoor and outdoor 5G NR routers giving service providers new options for delivering gigabit broadband services (2020-11-17)

There’s more 5G available in big cities. But which carrier is fastest?

The start of the 5G era offers uneven download speeds (2020-11-19)

5G Networks acquires Brisbane data centre

Boosts total capacity to 1000 racks and covers east coast (2020-11-19)

Best budget 5G phones in 2020

2020 is the year of 5G Or at least it should have been if a bunch of other way more important things didnt happen Nevertheless mobile carriers around the world are expanding their 5G networks at a rapid pace and 5G devices are now far from the niche products they were last yearThe good news is that the wave of new 5G-capable phones also brought in some devices that are far from the premium prices we expected these phones to sell at initially That.. (2020-11-19)

Uncle Sam passes comms act that sets aside $750m for the development of OpenRAN

There are no American vendors for the network equipment that fuels our wireless economy The US House of Representatives has unanimously passed the Utilizing Strategic Allied Telecommunications Act of 2020 which earmarks $750m in grants to support the domestic development of OpenRAN (2020-11-19)

Palo Alto Launches 5G Security Service

Realizing the increase in use of 5G will only increase the number of cyberattacks Palo Alto introduces a service that focuses on securing 5G networks and devices (2020-11-19)

Brazil backs U.S. Clean Network proposal for transparent 5G technology

Brazils government on Tuesday backed the United States Clean Network proposal to build a global digital alliance that excludes technology that Washington sees (2020-11-11)

Dish enlists Qualcomm as partner to build out 5G network

US satellite TV provider Dish Network has signed up Qualcomm as its latest partner in efforts to build its 5G network using open and cloud-based platforms by 2023 it said on (2020-11-11)

MediaTek Introduces Dimensity 700 Chipset For Affordable 5G Smartphones

Despite the fact that India is nowhere close to a 5G network Chinese smartphone players have launched 5G devices The smartphone companies have launched their devices on Qualcomm chipsets Similarly MediaTek has also announced a new chipset called Dimensity 700 chipset (2020-11-11)

Nokia solve for antenna problem associated with 5G NR

Nokia solve for antenna problem associated with 5G NR lhardesty Wed 11/11/2020 - 11:20 (2020-11-11)

Dish to use Qualcomm’s 5G RAN platforms

Dish to use Qualcomms 5G RAN platforms bfletcher Wed 11/11/2020 - 08:51 (2020-11-11)

Mavenir Announces Full 2G and 3G Support on Its 4G/5G Converged Cloud-Native OpenRAN and Packet Core

Mavenir the industrys only end-to-end Network Software Provider for 4G/5G networks announces the integration of 2G and 3G technologies into its existing broadband suite for 4G and 5G The new end to end cloud-native solution that covers the complete stack of all mobile technologies - 2G/3G/4G/5G in mobile networks for both radio access and packet core will provide a truly unique fully containerized solution enablin.. (2020-11-10)

Qualcomm Ventures Backs 5G Startups

San Diego-based Qualcomm Ventures the venture capital arm of Qualcomm has made investments in four companies working on 5G technology and products According to Qualcomm Ventures it made strategic investments in Celona Cellwize Azion and Pensando Size of the investments were note disclosed Celona is developing software to automate deployment of cellular wireless technology by enterprise companies; Cellwize is developing an AI platform to help mobi.. (2020-11-10)

MediaTek unveils Dimensity 700, a 7nm chipset with 5G modem

MediaTek continues its quest to create affordable 5G smartphones the latest step in that direction is the Dimensity 700 a 7nm chipset similar to the recently-announced Dimensity 720 The most important component is the 5G modem It supports carrier aggregation which enables faster connections up to 277 Gbps downlink speeds and seamless handover between 5G cells The modem also features Dual SIM Dual Standby and VoNR Voice over New Radio offers bette.. (2020-11-10)

BT and University of Warwick to accelerate 5G innovation for regional economic recovery

BT installs UKs first dedicated public 5G network for University of Warwick bringing new opportunities for University led research and further enhancing students learning experience through its EE mobile network New Innovation Alliance sees 5G co-development in Connected Vehicles Telemedicine and Gaming industries to inspire and educate local businesses on 5G innovation and opportunities for economic growth 5G tech will support new University inn.. (2020-11-05)

Led by its nationwide 5G service, T-Mobile now has over 100 million subscribers

The nations second largest carrier released today after the close of regular New York Stock Exchange trading As usual our eyes first searched for postpaid phone additions which is the gold standard for carriers From July through September T-Mobile reported an industry best 689000 net postpaid phone additions That is the 27th consecutive quarter that the company led its national rivals in this metric Postpaid phone churn was 90% At the same time .. (2020-11-05)

Industrial IoT connections will reach 37 billion by 2025

Smart manufacturing looks set to drive growth in the industrial IoT market over the next five years According to a recent study by Jupiter Research the number of Industrial IoT connections will increase from 177 billion in 2020 to 368 billion in 2025 representing an overall growth rate of 207% .. (2020-11-03)

BT installs 5G network at University of Warwick

BT has switched on the UKs first dedicated public 5G network for a connected campus at the University of Warwick The network is part of a collaboration between the telco the University of Warwick and Warwickshire County Council and will bring 5G mobile coverage to University students staff and visitors across the 720-acre site and to people in surrounding areas through BTs EE mobile network SEE MORE BT taps Ericsson to help it strip Huawei from 5.. (2020-11-03)

New digital partnerships to promote Europe’s push for technology sovereignty

Next year will see the launch of five new public-private research partnerships in digital technologies that aim to put more flesh on the bones of EU ambitions to achieve greater technology sovereignty and to ensure European principles and ethics underpin products such as robots machine learning autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence We are doing this for our European values said Thomas Hahn the president of the Big Data Value Association.. (2020-11-05)

BT hands Ericsson major 5G contract as Huawei snub continues

Nordic vendor will help manage 50 per cent of 5G traffic going through BT and its EE provider Ericsson has won a huge contract to provide technology for BTs 5G networks in major cities across the UK The Swedish firm said it would eventually manage 50 per cent of traffic across BTs network as well as across its EE brand @Ericsson has been selected as BTs #5G partner for London and major UK cities The partnership is built on @btgroups selection of .. (2020-10-28)

BT picks Ericsson for 5G mobile networks in major UK cities

BT will use Ericssons 5G equipment to upgrade EE mobile networks BT has chosen Swedens Ericsson to provide 5G Radio Access Network RAN connectivity in several major UK cities including London Cardiff Edinburgh and Belfast In a statement on its website Ericsson said that it would be a key BT partner for 5G deployment in Britain The company is set to manage about 50 per cent of BTs total 5G traffic As part of the deal BT will use Ericssons 5G base .. (2020-10-29)

Is 5G a Race We Want to Win?

There is an interesting article recently published in the English version of a South Korean newspaper the ChosunILBO that talks about 5G in China According to the article the Chinese 5G rollout is an expensive bust There are a number of interesting facts disclosed about the Chinese 5G rollout First its clear that the rollout is using millimeter wave spectrum The article says that the 5G towers in the Chinese networks are being installed about 200.. (2020-10-29)

Riding the 5G Wave

Carriers are moving to standalone networks to fulfill 5Gs true potential but it remains a work in progress (2020-10-27)

T-Mobile expands 4G LTE home internet service to 130 more cities and towns

The $50-per-month service still uses 4G LTE but 5G service is coming soon (2020-11-09)

E&T panel debate: IoT smart tech, behind the scenes

Smart tech at home gets all the publicity and exposure in the media through blogs and advertising and therefore smart tech might just be considered as devices at home connected to the internet However the really interesting and exciting development happens behind closed doors in offices and factories How does industrial manufacturing use the internet of things to push engineering boundaries? How are engineers using software to design these advanc.. (2020-11-06)

T-Mobile will extend fast 5G service nationwide in 2021, pressuring rivals

Merger with Sprint gave the carrier an advantage in 5G deployment (2020-11-06)

T-Mobile can’t claim to have the ‘best’ 5G network, ad body says

But it can continue to say it will have the largest 5G network (2020-11-05)

Samsung helps KT in deploying Korea’s first 5G SA and NSA common core network

Samsungs network equipment division has helped cellular carriers in deploying 4G and 5G networks across the world including Australia Canada New Zealand South Korea and the US Now the company has announced that it has collaborated with South Korean carrier KT in deploying the countrys first 5G SA Standalone and NSA Non-Standalone common core network The post Samsung helps KT in deploying Koreas first 5G SA and NSA common core network appeared fi.. (2020-11-05)

Over 200 American Towns And Cities Will Get 5G Coverage With T-Mobile’s Latest Expansion

T-Mobile doubles its 5G network coverage bringing 5G to over 200 new towns and cities Heres how to find out if youre covered (2020-11-03)

Ericsson closes $1.1bn Cradlepoint acquisition

Telco giant claims acquisition will help it grab market share in 5G enterprise space Ericsson has closed its acquisition of wireless edge vendor Cradlepoint as it looks to grab market share in the 5G enterprise space The $11bn all-cash acquisition was first announced in September and would see US-based Cradlepoint be acquired by the Swedish telco firm At the time Ericsson said the deal would close before the end of the year Cradlepoint produced r.. (2020-11-02)

Talk of a national 5G network leaves a lot of questions unanswered

A Pentagon request for information that led to speculation about a nationwide 5G network created by a partnership between the mobile carriers and the government has provoked the wrath of Congressional leaders 5G resources What is 5G? Fast wireless technology for enterprises and phones How 5G frequency affects range and speed Private 5G can solve some problems that Wi-Fi cant Private 5G keeps Whirlpool driverless vehicles rolling 5G can make for c.. (2020-11-02)

Linksys and Qualcomm Team on 5G Hotspots

Los Angeles-based Linksys which is the connect home division of Belkin says that it has introduced a new 5G and Wi-Fi 6 mobile hotspot which works in Korea Linksys said its new 5G Mobile Hotspot uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon X5S 5G Modem-RF Systema nd Qualcomm FastConnect 6800 The hotspot works only with Korea Telecom The company says it has a similar hotspot with Hong Kong with CSL Linksys and Belkin are now owned by Foxconn Interconnect Technolo.. (2020-11-02)

Cellwize raises $32M for its RAN automation platform that helps speed up 5G deployments

Mobile network automation and orchestration provider Cellwize Wireless Technologies Inc said today it has secured $32 million in a funding round led by Intel Capital and Qualcomm Ventures LLC Verizon Ventures Samsung Next and existing investors Viola Ventures DTCP GreenApple Tech Vintage Investment Partners and Sonae IM also participated in the Series B round which The post Cellwize raises $32M for its RAN automation platform that helps speed up.. (2020-11-09)

Cellwize raises $32M to help carriers and their partners adopt and run 5G services

As 5G slowly moves from being a theoretical to an active part of the coverage map for the mobile industry – if not for consumers themselves – companies that are helping carriers make the migration less painful and less costly are seeing a boost of attention In the latest development Cellwize a startup thats built a platform to automate and optimize data for carriers to run 5G networks within multi-vendor environments has raised $32 million – f.. (2020-11-09)

5G coverage expands in the US as T-Mobile announces latest network upgrades

Subscribers should be informed that mmWave 5G is still difficult to implement due to its poor range (2020-10-29)

5 Industries 5G Will Impact the Most

Few if any technologies in recent memory have received the same publicity as 5G Plenty of articles say that itll disrupt industries which it will but it wont affect them all evenly Some sectors will see faster broader and more impactful changes from 5G Read this article (2020-10-26)

Dish offers up slice of its 5G network for DoD project

Dish offers up slice of its 5G network for DoD project malleven Mon 11/02/2020 - 13:10 (2020-11-02)

Paolini: Who wins 6 GHz band: Wi-Fi or 5G NR-U?

Paolini: Who wins 6 GHz band: Wi-Fi or 5G NR-U? malleven Sat 10/31/2020 - 14:51 (2020-10-31)

Oceus Networks Awarded 5G Contract

Mobile Communications Innovator to Build 5G Test Systems to be Used by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense OUSD Research Engineering REPRWeb November 09 2020 … (2020-11-09)

Keysight’s Cloud Infrastructure Testing Software Selected by Elisa to Accelerate Design and Deployment of Next-Gen Virtualized 5G Networks

Keysights Cloud Infrastructure Testing Software Selected by Elisa to Accelerate Design and Deployment of Next-Gen Virtualized 5G Networks (2020-11-09)

Court grants stay on exclusion of Huawei from Swedish 5G networks

A Swedish court on Monday granted a stay against Swedish telecoms regulator PTS decision last month to exclude Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei from its 5G networks (2020-11-09)

Huawei appeals against 5G network ban in Sweden

Huawei has appealed against Swedens decision to exclude the Chinese telecoms equipment maker from 5G networks the Swedish telecoms (2020-11-06)

Please, tell us more about how just 60 hydrogen-powered 5G drones could make 400,000 UK base stations redundant

Gartners finest a former vulture draws clouds over eyebrow-raising connectivity plan A company working with a hydrogen-powered 5G drone maker claims to have built an airborne 5G base station antenna unlike anything ever seen before and that just 60 of them could replace Britains terrestrial 5G networks (2020-11-04)

Apple Buys Into 5G

Apple CEO Tim Cook introducing the new 5G iPhone 12 series Photograph: Brooks Kraft / Apple Apple is coming out with a full range of new 5G iPhones The phones have been designed to use the full range of new frequencies that the various cellular companies are touting as 5G up to and including the millimeter wave spectrum offered in center cities by Verizon In addition to 5G the phones have new features like a better camera better ease at using wir.. (2020-10-20)

Efficiency of oil and gas industry targeted by University of Alberta program

Leading-edge research at the University of Albertas Faculty of Engineering aims to improve oil sector industrial productivity while also diversifying the economy say officials A new $28-million industrial research chair program at the faculty aims to help the oil and gas industry operate more efficiently by developing intelligent wireless sensors and antennas while expanding provinces information technology industry Present-day technology only al.. (2015-02-10)

Better Business Bureau finds T-Mobile to be misleading Americans about 5G in ads

A new release from The National Advertising Division NAD of BBB Better Business Bureau National Programs is calling out T-Mobile for its most recent marketing ads that could mislead customers about its 5G network The ad in question may lead customers to believe that T-Mobile and Sprints networks have combined and resulted in immediate benefits to T-Mobile customers T-Mobile has made clear its ambition to build Americans largest 5G network and tha.. (2020-11-06)

Qualcomm soars after sales and earnings beat expectations

Qualcomm has said it is well-placed to benefit from the rise of 5G networks and handsets (2020-11-04)

Nokia 8 V 5G UW could be HMD Global’s first US 5G phone

For all the marketing that network operators and smartphone makers do around 5G the one thing they leave for consumers to discover in the fine print is the availability of 5G networks around the world It is growing indeed but at a rather slow rate and just like 4G the different bands used by different carriers mean different variants for Continue reading (2020-11-05)

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max review: Better, not just bigger

In the old days before COVID I didnt just review big phones I used them almost exclusively Theyre especially helpful here in New York where you never knew when a train will get held up Theres nothing like a big screen and some noise-canceling headphones to help you feel like youre anywhere but a crowded subway car Needless to say things have changed These days I spend nearly all my time at home so the need to carry an enormous phone around isnt n.. (2020-11-09)

OnePlus Nord N10 5G: affordable 6.49-inch smartphone with 90Hz screen, Snapdragon 690, 6GB RAM, 64MP quad camera and 4300 mAh battery with 5G

OnePlus Nord N10 5G is being billed as the perfect mid-range smartphone that can probably last you for a couple of years without having to break the bank for itloadads loadposition phonead Before we begin scrutinizing it further lets do a quick throwback to its smaller sibling called the OnePlus Nord: 644-inch Full HD+ Fluid AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 1080 x 2400 pixels 20:9 ratio or ~408 PPI density Glass front Gorilla Glass 5 glass back.. (2020-11-03)

Google Pixel 4a 5G review: The middle child excels

Price when reviewed 499 The launch of the Pixel 4a 5G is a bit of an outlier Google first announced its existence during the reveal of the regular Pixel 4a almost three months ago and weve been waiting impatiently for its official release date ever since Well the good news is that you dont have to wait much longer Its finally on the way and youll be able to get your hands on the beefed-up Pixel 4a 5G in just a f.. (2020-10-23)

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G drops to just £409 in early Black Friday sales

Samsungs first affordable 5G smartphone the Galaxy A90 5G has dropped in price for a limited time The day in question might be over a month away but Amazon has already fired the starting pistol when it comes to Black Friday deals were already spoilt for choice too Without question though this is the best smartphone deal weve spotted so far Originally launching for 669 when it arrived in shops in November last ye.. (2020-10-26)

5G Market in India, 2020 Report - COVID-19 Pandemic has Delayed the 5G Rollout Plan

The 5G Market in India 2020 report has been added to ResearchAndMarketscoms offering The fifth-generation cellular or 5G network technology is predicted to accelerate the digital growth of India Ultra-fast speed high bandwidth and low latency of 5G are envisioned to fuel the digital transformation of the country In India the commercial launch of 5G is expected to transpire in late 2020 The 5G market in India is projected to.. (2020-11-11)

The Telecom Millimeter Wave Technology Market Size Share Trends Analysis Report by Frequency Band V-band E-band by Licensing Type Fully-licensed Light-licensed Unlicensed by Application and Segment Forecasts 2020 - 2027 report has been added to ResearchAndMarketscoms offering The global telecom millimeter wave technology market size is projected to reach USD 738 billion by 2027 registering a CAGR of 3701% Millimeter Waves M.. (2020-11-16)

UK should revisit 5G ban now Trump is defeated, says Huawei

Exclusive: vice-president Victor Zhang says north-south divide in England would be exacerbated by missing out on 5GThe UK should revisit its decision to ban the Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei from its 5G network in the post-Trump era and recognise that it will worsen Englands north-south divide the vice-president of Huawei has told the GuardianVictor Zhangs intervention comes as Boris Johnson prepares on Monday to meet the Northern Resea.. (2020-11-16)

U.S. tells Qualcomm that it can ship non-5G chips to Huawei

While it doesnt completely solve the problem that has receiving cutting-edge 5nm chipsets for its 5G phones and base stations for its 5G networks that the US government is allowing US based Qualcomm to ship some components to the manufacturer Announced in May and starting this past September foundries using American technology to manufacturer chips need to obtain a license from the US Commerce Department in order to deliver them to Huawei Qualcom.. (2020-11-16)

Rugged 5G pioneer Ulefone Armor 10 5G officialy launched

With the popularization of 5G networks our mobile life will greatly change without a doubt Thus 5G is now coming even to the rugged phone The post Rugged 5G pioneer Ulefone Armor 10 5G officialy launched appeared first on Gizchinacom (2020-11-17)

Bluebird Network Completes Fiber Expansion in Hannibal, Missouri

Bluebird Network Completes Fiber Expansion in Hannibal Missouri connecting 16 small cell towers in the area in support of a 5G network deployments (2020-11-17)

Xilinx Collaborates With Texas Instruments to Develop Energy Efficient 5G Radio Solutions

Xilinx announced a collaboration with Texas Instruments to develop energy-efficient 5G radio solutions (2020-11-18)

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